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Aesthetics and Skin clinic

Consultations are compulsory before any Aesthetics treatments and are free of charge. During these we will discuss all your available options, prices and decide on a treatment plan together.


Cryotherapy can be used for the treatment of pigmentation, age/sun spots and lesions such as warts, skin tags etc. 


Microneedling / MCA

Microneedling, Mesotherapy and MCA treat scars, laxitivity and other similar skin issues. prices start from £95

Vein removal

Cherry angiomas (burst blood vessels), Spider and thread veins can be treated via Sclerotherapy or Thermeosclerosis. treatments vary widely depending on your needs but start from £100

Lesion removal

Skin lesions such as skin tags, moles and such are generally removed via thermeosclerosis, these must be checked and cleared for safe removal before booking. 

Prices start from £100

Plasma elite

Plasma elite is a skin tightening treatment which can be used all over the body and face. 

generally a large area is £290 and a small area is £160

IV infusions

Private IV infusions to aid with recovery and general well being, prices on request depending on need.


Cross linked hylaronic acid for replacing volume and structure.

Advanced Facial fillers are priced at £180 per ml for all areas.

No needle fillers are best for lips only and have to be built up in layers to ensure the best result, we will not compromise a good outcome for speed. 

So are priced at £95 per 0.5ml. 

Hyaluronidase filler dissolving is quoted at the time due to the need.


*Before considering toxin a free skin clinic consultation must be held so we can discuss all the treatment options available for lines and wrinkles. All of which we do offer so an impartial opinion can easily be offered. Therefore the pricing below is for information only at this stage.* 

Facial areas:

1 area £130 

2 areas £180 

3 areas £230

additional +£50

Advanced areas:

Masseter £250

Neck £250

Hyperhydrosis £360

Bum lift £360

for other areas please enquire

Skin boosters and PRP

We offer a range of skin boosters such as TKN and Sunekos. These start from £140.

PRP is "Platelet rich plasma" it involves taking a blood sample, spinning it in a specialist machine to separate the plasma, then extracting it and reinserting were needed. This concentrated plasma is amazing for encouraging cellular turnover so it has great benefits for anti agin, hair loss, skin repair and much more. 

prices start from £200

Vitamin b12 injections

B12 has many benefits for all such as increased energy, better mood, deeper sleep, higher metabolism, mental clarity etc. 

the start up cost for this is £100 for the initial doses over 3 months and then £25 for any boosters.

Vitamin D

Helpfull for those suffering with Seasonal affective  disorder, a vitamin D shot once a year can help people through the winter months. 


Fat dissolving, RF and cavitation

Fat dissolving injections to help with stubborn pockets of fat. These are priced at £95 for a small area and £190 for a large area. 

RF and Cavitaion is priced at £30 for 30 mins and £60 for 60 mins.

What our customers are saying

I can honestly say this is the BEST result I've ever had from treatment.. thank you sooooo much for giving me the confidence to go ahead with it and get it done...

previous client - plasma elite treatment 

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