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Permanent make up / Micropigmentaion

All PMU and Micropigmentation prices include the 1st and compulsory 2nd session. This means there are no hidden costs. 

All require a free consultation first.


For the most natural /softer

hair strokes. 


Digital brows

Bolder hairstrokes, ombre, combination or powder brow. better for oily skin.



Top liner, bottom or both.

from £200

Lip liner

Re enforce or define the lip line.


Lip liner and blush

Frame and blend out he lips


Lip full colour

Including ombre lips


Scalp Micropigmentation

For thin and balding hair.

For both men and women.

Densification or hairline


Quoted at consultation 

Areola reconstruction

To improve or replace the areola.

Quoted at consultation

Saline removal

fade or remove permanent make

up ready for correction.

£60 per session


Specialists in corrections of

shape, colour or removals.

Prices for these are discussed at consultation set according

to need.

Beauty spot 


Facial PMU top up

Colour boosts, 9 to 18 months after. 

(only if our work. if needing a top

up from elsewhere we are happy

to help but please make a

consultation first to check this is suitable.)


Priced at 50% of original cost

What our customers are saying

I LOVE my brows! I was so nervous before but you made me feel really comfortable and im so glad I chose you and I don't have to draw them on any more haha!

Previous client - Digital brows

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