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Facials and Massage 

We offer a very extensive range of facials and massage. 

A free skin clinic consultation is always on offer to help you decide which face treatment would be best for your skin needs.

Standard facial

A traditional facial

to leave your skin

feeling cleansed and

refreshed, choose between: 

Express £35

Luxury £42

LED light therapy

Chromotherapy has a multitude of benefits, this can be booked as a stand alone facial for £50 or why not add it on to any other facial for £25


Manual deep exfoliation with

vacuum. great for fresh, better

textured skin and pigmentation problems.



Manual exfoliation technique

using a medical grade single use disposable scalpel. Helps with

skin texture and peach fuzz

leaving skin baby soft.


Dermapen / Microneedling

Medical grade digital needling pen for skin tightening, fine lines and collagen boosting


Be Fabulous Signature

Our signature facial is the treat of

all treats for the skin.

includes a lux facial, dermaplaning, digital microneedling, specialist mesotherapy serum,

and LED mask.


Vampire facial

A PRP facial starts with a

blood sample being drawn,

spun in our centrifuge and

then the Platelet Rich Plasma is separated out and micro needled

back in to the skin. 

This plasma contains high levels

of concentrated growth factors

which stimulate cell turnover introducing many benefits.


Indian head massage

Help relieve stress and tension with this traditional massage method 

30 mins £38

Body massage

Swedish massage for tension areas.

Back neck and shoulder :

30 mins £38

Full body : 

60 mins £48

times include consultation

and changing

Hot stone massage

Using hot volcanic stones to add

a heat element to your massage,

helps to further relax and

work the muscles.

Full body £50

Back neck and shoulder £40

times include consultation

and changing

Full body scrub

Exfoliation of the whole body


Back dermabrasion

Back microdermabrasion


What our customers are saying

wow! my skin feels amazing thank you!

previous client - signature facial

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